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RevLib: The Reverse Engineering Library

RevLib is a comprehensive reverse engineering library which primarily deals with Point Cloud Processing, Converting Point Cloud to Mesh (Triangulation) and Mesh Processing. This C++ based library works well with noisy as well as unstructured data resulting in high quality mesh with uniform triangles. The mesh processing functionality offers you variety of tools to work with your meshes. RevLib generates meshes using parallel processed algorithms, leveraging the power of multiple cores on CPUs. This results in faster triangulation of large data sets. This library does not use any third party kernel or geometry library underneath and the library is portable as it does not use any OS specific classes/functions.

RevLib at a glance
  • Comprehensive set of tools for point cloud processing
  • Very Fast and Best in class triangulation algorithm
  • Excellent set of tools for mesh processing
  • Works well with noisy data and unstructured data also
  • Can handle large data well (up to 20 million data points)
  • Generates a good quality mesh with uniform and equilateral triangles
  • Minimizes dropped points in constructing the mesh
  • No dependency on third party libraries
RevLib Benefits
  • A robust library that is well tested in variety of domains
  • RevLib can work with very large datasets, so it is extremely scalable
  • RevLib library has very small memory footprint
  • Parallel processed algorithms makes RevLib very fast
  • RevLib is backed by a very capable and dedicated development team
Easy to Integrate
  • RevLib can be easily integrated into your application
  • Its API is extremely intuitive and user friendly
  • We provide you with code samples to help you integrate
  • Several data exchange APIs make it simple to transfer data to and from our library
  • Our team would be glad to offer integration services if you so desire

Key Features of RevLib

  • Point Cloud Processing
    • Registration
    • Outlier removal
    • Noise reduction
    • Decimation
  • Triangulation of Point Cloud (Meshing)
  • Mesh Processing
    • Smoothening
    • Decimation
    • Refinement
    • Hole filling
    • Mesh Healing (orientation correction, sliver removal, etc)
  • Detection of planar region in point cloud
  • Sharpening of filleted edge of mesh data
  • Can handle large data well (up to 20 million data points)
Technical Features of the library
  • Available as lib or dll
  • Compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bit
  • Parallel processed algorithms for greater speed
  • Small memory footprint
RevLib is a C++ library developed for reverse engineering applications. Revlib performs three main operations, Point Cloud Processing, Meshing (Triangulation) and Mesh Processing. The library is available in lib and DLL form and can be easily integrated into any application.

Revlib offers following functionalities

  1. Point Cloud Processing
    1. Outlier removal
    2. Noise reduction
    3. Decimation
    4. Registration
  2. Meshing (Triangulation)
  3. Mesh Processing
    1. Mesh smoothening
    2. Mesh Refinement
    3. Mesh decimation
    4. Hole filling
    5. Orientation correction
    6. Sliver removal
Yes, RevLib works with both structured as well as unstructured point cloud data sets.

You could send a mail to and we will send you the RevLib SDK along with a sample program to help you integrate RevLib into your application. You could use our evaluation license for up to 90 days.

Alternately, we would be happy to work on your data and generate the results for you. (at no cost or obligation to you).

RevLib uses Parallel Processed algorithms that utilize multiple cores available on modern machines, which makes RevLib very fast. A great care is also taken to optimize the memory footprint of the application.

Please send a mail to and we will get in touch with you with all the details. For RevLib we offer Perpetual licensing as well as Annual Subscription model.
We offer an email and phone based support for our customers. Support is just a mail/call away.
We would be very glad to take the responsibility of integrating RevLib into your application. However this will be at a nominal extra charges.
Downloads RevLib Brochure

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