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CAD Software Development

Solving complex, algorithmic, engineering problem is our passion. Over last 18 years we have worked with variety of companies worldwide in solving some of their most complex problems. Our team of software engineers is always keen to take on the next challenge

We follow traditional waterfall as well as agile development processes depending on the nature and the need of the project. Our development processes are governed by Quality Management System that covers the best of ISO 9001:2015, ISO: 27001 and CMMI (Dev) Level 3. 

Our offshore software development team virtually acts like your extended team, reducing your time to market your product to your customers. 

Whether you are an established company or a start-up, with our skills, expertise and passion, we can definitely add a great value to your organization. As your technology partner, we help you in development so that you can focus on the other critical business activities.

While working on new assignments, very often we build solutions based on our own ready and tested technologies. This helps in reducing our development time and results in much robust solutions for our clients.

Our Skills

As a specialist CAD software development company our skill set is very diverse and rich. Here is a short glimpse of what we do.

  • Technology Skills
    • C / C++
    • Microsoft Visual C++, dot NET
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Parallel Processing of applications
    • Cloud based solutions development
  • CAD domain
    • Computational Geometry
    • CAD Kernel development
    • STEP / IGES Translators development
    • 2D Sketcher
    • Constraint Solver
    • Various operators (extrude, revolve, sweep, booleans, loft, fillets)
  • Some key Algorithms
    • Marching cube algorithm for meshing
    • Surface fitting on a mesh
    • Mesh Morphing
    • Water tight tessellation of NURBS
    • Block matching algorithms
    • Image processing algorithms
  • Mathematical Algorithms
    • Quadratic programming solver
    • FE Solver
    • Very large Matrix manipulations

Product Development

Our team of skilled engineers can help you with developing your product or part of your product. With our decades of experience in software development we add great value to your product and help you take your products to the market faster.

Prescient CAD Product Development

Our application Development Framework offers a proven and tested foundation for your application and allows us to quickly build your new application. The framework offers a very robust CAD and Graphics engine, and a very rich User interface that can be easily customized to suit the needs of your application.

Technology Development

Often times you are looking for some technology that you would like to integrate into your application. We can certainly help you build such technologies either based on some of our own technologies or some available open source technologies.

Prescient CAD Technology Development

With our skills in CAD Kernel development, CAD Data Translators, Meshing & Mesh Processing, Surfacing, Sketcher & Constraint Solver, User Interface etc, essentially covering pretty much all aspects of CAD Software Development, you can completely rely on us for your needs.

Product Migration:

If you are looking to migrate your product we could take the complete ownership of re-engineering your product. We could migrate your applications say from VB, Fortran or some other language to modern languages like C++, dot NET etc.

You may be working with a home-grown or a legacy application with or without documentation. We can help you with the following,

  • Generate software design documentation for your application
  • Integrate your application with other software systems / cloud
  • Upgrade your applications to contemporary software technologies

All this ensuring zero disruptions to your operations and guaranteeing the same output/results that you get from your current applications.

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